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AQUASUS offers a comprehensive product and consulting service for all kinds for the rain water harvesting of projects, here a short overview.


Rain water harvesting plants for all building classes:

Residential building: Single family house up to housing complexes

Trade: all kinds of buildings of trades


Large-scale installations:


Public buildings such as administrations, schools, Universities etc.,

industrial buildings, office buildings etc.,

Isolated solutions: Large-scale installations for clusters of buildings up to complete city quarters.


Water use and water quality

Rain water can be used for all ranges of application, in which no quality of drinking water is necessary. To the security against problems in quality with long service lives particularly in interior tanks AQUASUS offers exclusively water preservation on silver basis. For the processing to drinking water additional systems are necessary.


Construction units and equipment construction

Long-lived plants need high-quality construction units and a good planning. Good economic and ecological balances are obtained only in such a way.


Economy and environmental protection

Rain harvesting plants are a future investment. They should be functional during the entire life span of the building. Therefore is the installation of long-lived quality construction units of large advantage.