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Good drinking water is an important condition for health. Drinking water loses its quality possibly quite fast, if it is stored in tanks.


Many owners of mobile-homes/caravans, boats/ships, cottages and other single supply systems know this due to their sorrowful experiences very well. Usually problems in quality, including for growing persistent bio films, develop at higher temperatures and longer service lives of the water. Many of the well-known methods for the fight of micro-biological growth are not however very effectively, extensiv or expensive.


AQUASUS brings now from there the PlationŽ product line on the market, which fulfills all lastingness criteria for safe providing with stock of drinking water. We present today the PlationŽ PNK Floats and the PlationŽ PM-Floats, whose effectiveness on the elimination of bacteria by silver ions to you been based and which are already used for many years successfully for safe providing with stock of drinking water into single investments. With their scientifically proven effect PlationŽ Floats fight successfully different types of bacteria and algae. With a period of effectiveness of up to over 2 years (this depends on the type of the Plation Floats) PlationŽ Floats retain a safe quality of drinking water with a minimum need of energy, maintenance and money.


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